Chemistry Club Wins 2nd Place!

by Javier Molina, 6th Grade

Chemistry Club has been getting together every Tuesday afternoon for the past six months. Before winter break we had fun doing cool experiments. Then, after winter break was over we started to get ready for “You Be The Chemist Challenge” or the YBTC challenge for short. For our Project, we did The Magic Balloon Skewer which based on these key principles: Friction, Polymers, and Lubricant. In the project, we tested how we could poke a balloon without popping it by inserting a skewer in the inflated balloon where the balloon had its polymers stretched less. The team won SECOND PLACE at the challenge with this project, and there were about 15 schools participating. I was excited about the competition because I have a passion for chemistry, wanted to just learn and have fun every Tuesday after school. Mrs. Heneghan also makes it very interesting and fun at the same time. So after that, the thing that made it so personal to me is that I had a lot of friends to celebrate with, since we all share the same passion for chemistry.