City Council honors two South Loop middle schoolers

By Heidi S., parent

South Loop students Grace Bauer, 7th grade, and June Stevens, 6th grade, were honored at the May 23 City Council meeting for their first place wins in the Chicago Middle School Debate League City Championship.

Grace and June, along with Coach Rishi Agrawal, were invited to City Hall for the monthly meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and all 50 aldermen. At the end of the meeting, Mayor Emanuel announced a resolution honoring Chicago Public Schools students who have achieved success in academics and athletics.

The resolution reads: “Whereas the members of this chamber are pleased to congratulate all of the members of the Chicago Public Schools teams on their overwhelming success in their fields of competition; now, therefore be it resolved that we, the mayor and members of the City Council of the City of Chicago , assembled here this 23rd day of May, 2018, do hereby applaud and congratulate all of these Chicago Public School students on their championship performances.”

Grace’s and June’s names were read aloud in the council chambers, and each of them were given a copy of the resolution signed by Mayor Emanuel and City Clerk Anna Valencia.

The Obama Presidential Center was approved by the City Council during the same meeting, and Grace and June got to witness Mayor Emanuel calling President Barack Obama on his cell phone to tell him the news.

A very cool day of watching democracy in action. Congratulations to Grace and June!