CPS features Golden Apple Award Finalists

Last month, Golden Apple announced its 30 finalists for their excellence in teaching. Of those finalists, 12 are CPS teachers, and TWO of those teachers are South Loop School’s very own 4th grade math teacher Ms. Helen Chan and 7th grade ELA teacher Mr. Richard Coppola.

In honor of this achievement amongst all of the CPS finalists, CPS has been “highlighting each of our Golden Apple Award finalists by showcasing the amazing work they are leading in their schools.”

Below you will find links to each of the blog posts that features Ms. Chan and Mr. Coppola.

Last week, finalists attended a banquet recognizing each person for this achievement. Recipients of the Golden Apple Award will find out during a surprise visit and celebration to their school later this spring.

Ms. Chan’s Feature

Mr. Coppola’s Feature