Do you like science experiments? Chemistry Club may be the place for you!

By Penny P., Katie B. and Will S., 5th grade

Have you ever considered joining Chemistry Club? If so, this article is for you. We interviewed Mrs. Heneghan, the 5th and 6th grade science teacher who runs Chemistry Club. Read on to find out more about Chemistry Club!

Q: How long have you been running Chemistry Club for?

A: I have been running Chemistry Club for about six years now. Including this year, seven.

Q: Are there any big competitions in Chemistry Club?

A.: Yes, there is. It’s called “You Be The Chemist Regionals,” and you can also move onto state. There are two main parts in the competition. The first part is a self effort called the “Chemistry Bee.” The Chemist Bee is where the judges ask you questions and you either answer them correctly or incorrectly. The second part of the competition is a team effort. Your team demonstrates an experiment to the judges, who are usually scientists. They judge how well you do by rating how well you know the chemistry behind your experiment and also how well you explain it. 

Q: What individual rewards can Chemistry Club members win?

A: Chemistry club members can win individual trophies for winning the “Chemistry Bee” and answering the questions correctly.

Q: When are the Chemistry Club meetings usually held?

A: Chemistry Club meetings are in room 210 and are usually on Tuesdays. During Chemistry Club we usually do an experiment and look at the chemistry behind it and try and explain it as well as we can.

We hope you got information if you wanted to do Chemistry Club!