Happy holidays from the South Loop Scoop!

By the South Loop Scoop staff

The staff of the South Loop Scoop is made up of enthusiastic, talented fourth and fifth graders who keep the school community informed about all the latest happenings. In a recent group interview, they shared a wide variety of holiday traditions. Maybe you’ll see some ideas you’d like to try!

Anabelle J., grade 5, is staying in Chicago for the winter break.. She plans on going to the sledding hill and the Macy’s holiday windows. Before the holiday, she’ll enjoy the antics of the Elf on the Shelf and her family puts up “crazy decorations.” She gets to open presents before Christmas randomly. She looks forward to a marshmallow and peach Christmas breakfast.

Eloise G., grade 4, says winter break is all about going sledding, ice skating and out for dinner, plus drinking hot chocolate, a family ornament decorating party and sleeping in until 10 o’clock in the morning. Her family from Florida are coming in and they’re going to her grandma’s house.

Penny P., grade 5, is traveling to San Diego, a “warm climate” and to her cousin’s house where they have two new dogs. But she loves winter activities like a New Year’s party, ice skating, sledding, Christmas movies and FOOD.

Alessio C., grade 5, has a slightly different tradition of putting a stocking on his door where he may receive things like toys and candy, like edible coal. He doesn’t head off anywhere warm and stays in Chicago. He likes going to fun places like the arcade and bowling alley. He reads new books and usually gets bored after New Year’s Eve.

Ignas P., grade 5, says his normal winter break involves getting a tree, ice skating, doing homework and playing video games, but also Kucios (pronounced “koo-chosse”) which is a Lithuanian holiday that happens the same time at Christmas Eve. Everything they eat during Kucios “has something to do with fish.”

Ben S., grade 5, is spending some time in Chicago celebrating Christmas, ice skating, eating French silk pie and going to watch the Grinch play but will also head to the Bahamas, a water park and get to see fireworks from a boat on New Year’s Eve. The best part about New Year’s according to Ben? “Staying up until 12 am.”

Owen L., grade 4, never stays in Chicago for the winter break and this one is no exception. He will be heading to England to watch a football (soccer to us) match with his family and then on to Florida with family.

Katie B., grade 5, celebrated a Dutch Christmas with her family. The holiday runs on December 7, when SinterKlaas left candies in their wooden shoes. She also goes to the Christkindlmarket where they play a scavenger hunt and get mugs and explore. On Christmas Eve, there’s a tradition where they read all their books they got at the South Loop book fair. On New Year’s, she goes to church with her grandparents.

Will S., grade 5, will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day at his grandparents’ house in the northwest suburbs and then traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico, a few days later. He will visit Roswell, New Mexico, during his trip and learn about UFOs. 

Warren T., grade 4, is staying in Chicago while all his family comes to him. A tradition his family has is that his mother gives everyone a book to read on Christmas Eve along with hot chocolate. And they get to stay up very late reading.

Oliver G., grade 4, is looking forward to watching the new Star Wars movie over his winter break.

There are some wonderful traditions everyone enjoys but no matter what, being together with loved ones is what makes the holiday one to remember.

Happy Winter Break everyone!