Interview with Mr. Zettl, South Loop band instructor

By Joe G., 5th grade

How old were you when you first became interested in music?

I was in elementary school; 12 years old.

Who introduced you to music and who is your greatest influence?

I found my love for music on my own, but my greatest influence was my first real guitar teacher.

What created your love for music?

I like the creativity and expression that music, something that I cannot do anywhere else.

Who gave you your first trumpet or did you buy it?

When I was a kid my mom rented a trumpet for me.

Who is your favorite musician and why?

My favorite musician is Miles Davis because I love his music.

Why is your trumpet your favorite instrument?

It’s actually not my favorite, but it is my favorite out of the band instruments because I love the sound of it.

Why did you become a music teacher at South Loop?

I wanted to work at a good school and South Loop was hiring a band teacher.

If you had to do something else what would it be?

I would train dogs because I love dogs.