Interview with Ms. Kryka, 2nd Grade Teacher

By: Madigan T., 6th Grade

Why did you want to be a teacher?

My parents were teachers. I used to come into the class when I was young and got to help. I also babysat kids and have enjoyed spending time with kids since then.

What college(s) did you go to? What did you study there?

I went to the University of Madison (Wisconsin) and studied Sociology there, then after I graduated and moved to Chicago I went to DePaul University to receive my Masters of Elementary degree.

Do you have any pets?

I have a dog named Madison, a little dog with a big bark. (Laughs)

What hobbies and activities do you have other than teaching?

I enjoy hiking or anything related to going outside or away from the city, specifically with my dog Madison (who also doesn’t like the noise of the city.) I also enjoy reading and anything active.

Have you had any injuries in your life? If so can you tell me how?

I suppose technically I did it babysitting, but then I had swimming practice right before which tweaked my knee as I was running upstairs and having a sharp turn.

What is your favorite food?

I like Italian food or carb food like pizza or pasta and I like having veggies on my pizza, I don’t eat meat because I’m a vegetarian.

What is the best thing about teaching? (in your opinion)

I enjoy seeing the excitement when the students show their encouraged smiles for what they are about to learn.

What is your favorite subject to teach? Why?

I like to teach reading the most because I enjoy passing on one of my favorite books to children myself.

What is one of your enjoyed repeat reads to children?

I enjoy reading “The Day the Crayons Quit” and “The Day the Crayons Came Home.” I like how funny they are.

Have you always wanted to be a teacher? Can you tell me about it?

I was sure I wanted to teach, but I wasn’t sure how to, but I did want to help children. Then I decided it was to be in a classroom.

You’re from Wisconsin, so do you support the Badgers? The Packers?

Yes, I do.