Kindergartners deliver Thanksgiving care packages to people who are homeless


By Ms. Hereford, Kindergarten teacher

Our kindergarten class made Care Packs to hand out to people who are homeless over Thanksgiving break. I received a wonderful message from one parent, who said I could share it with you all. It’s so inspiring!

“I wanted to thank you so much for the care pack idea.  Sawyer was so excited to pass them out today. He requested to go to a particular spot where he’d made friends with a lady and her two cats last year. (He was initially drawn to her wheelchair since we’d been talking about how Daddy would be getting one.) We’ve seen her in the same spot a few times since but when we checked today she wasn’t there. Sawyer was disappointed but decided to hand them to a few people up the block who were extremely grateful.

“On the way back to our car she appeared, she’d just gotten there from her overnight shelter. Sawyer was so bummed that he didn’t have any care packs left, but was still pleased to give her some money. We asked her if she needed anything — a meal, etc. — and she simply asked for some socks. So we went into Walgreens and Sawyer spotted some super cozy socks with cats on them for her! He then proceeded to tell me everything that was in the care packs so we could make one for our friend on the spot (plus some cat treats). He was so sweet filing up a bag for her.

“You have helped inspire what is sure to be an annual tradition for our family. He’s already recruited relatives to help us make a bunch next year. We’re truly grateful for the wonderful kindergarten experience you’re providing for Sawyer!” –Sarah Morgenthaler