Mr. Coppola wins prestigious Maya Angelou Award

By Ben S., 5th grade

Sixth grade teacher Mr. Coppola has just won a special award. It is called the Maya Angelou Award. Maya Angelou is a very famous poet. This award is from NCTE ( National Council of Teachers of English) to help support poetry across the country.

Mr. Coppola got $10,000 from the award. To win this award, he had to submit a grant application, which included a response to 5 essay questions and 3 letters, and a budget of how he would spend the money. With the money, he also received a trip to Baltimore, a fancy dinner, and breakfast with George Takei, a well-known author and an actor from “Star Trek.”

With the money, he is going to design a poetry lounge in the school.

But the Maya Angelou award was not the only amazing thing that happened to Mr. Coppola. His class got picked to participate in Global Ed. They were given a country and had to discuss the water crisis in this country. Mr. Coppola thinks it helps advance skill sets and is a great opportunity. If you see him in the hallways, be sure to congratulate him.

Here is a link to a video about the Maya Angelou award.