Revisiting This Year’s South Loop Around the World

Written by Payton S. and Kyshuana L.

South Loop Around the World is one of South Loop School’s most popular family events. Unfortunately, because of COVID, like other events, SLATW had to become virtual. We asked parents Janean Kwan and Abby Dryer some questions about planning this virtual event. 

This year’s South Loop Around The World  event was successful according to many parents. There were 31 countries and regions represented and “this really shows how diverse our school is” as Janean Kwan has said. It took about 4-6 weeks to completely finish this project. It took some time because many had to send set up and send in their projects.

Students had no boundaries on how big their project can be meaning their ideas and creativity can go far in their videos. And being online really benefited this because “the kids got much more information out of the videos than by looking at posters and other items on a table” when asking Mrs. Dryer  about the benefits. Mrs. Kwan also added that, “some benefits of doing the ATW event online was being able to have the participants work on them anytime they can, whether it’s late at night or during a weekend break.” 

They both really loved the projects and introduced us to some of their favorites 

According to Mrs. Dryer, she “loved the ones where children explained how to cook traditional foods. According to Mrs. Kwan, “If I had to choose, my favorite would be Greece, as that is where our wedding honeymoon took place. From Tia’s video, I was able to learn a lot more of the beautiful country.”

Although South Loop Around the World took place in March earlier this year, the great thing about it being a virtual event is that you can attend SLATW any time you want! If you did not get a chance to attend a few months ago, you can explore the amazing countries from around the world RIGHT HERE.

 It has been confirmed that this event will happen next year! Can’t wait for all the new ideas to hear and learn about.