‘Sailing into the school year’ to the tune of $32,000

By Aizah A., 6th grade

My mom, Saadia Siddique, helped organize the fall fundraiser, held at the Weathermark Tavern on Oct. 24. I interviewed her about the experience.

Q: How long did the fundraiser last?

A: 6:15-9:00 The set up committee was there at 4 p.m.

Q: How much money was raised?

A: $32,000.

Q: What was the goal?

A: $20,000.

Q: What will this money pay for?

A: New Chromebooks, iPads, more reading textbooks.

Q: Are you sure it’s not for those evil taxes that kids joke about? (totally NOT a joke)

A: Yep.

Q: What was the theme?

A: “Sailing into the school year.”

Q: How many people attended?

A: 145

Q: How much were ticket prices?

A: $35

Q: How many teachers came?
A: 12

“It was a very organized function. I enjoyed it very much,” said my dad. (He also attended.)