SLES 7/8 Boys Basketball finish the season strong

The SLES 7/8 Grade Boys had a great season, entering the championship bracket with 2 wins and 1 loss. The team beat Galileo 27-17 in round 1 with every team member taking to the court and showing great defense and drilling their 3-point shots. In the next round, the Pritzker team was strong (and tall!), knocking them out of the playoffs.  

The coaches felt this season was a great way for the kids to step outside their comfort zone and learn some new skills, whether it’s basketball skills or how to work with a new team. The boys worked hard all season and saw improvement in all their skills every game. 

Coaches: Katherine Neville (parent of Gabe and Liam) & Marc Dumas (parent of TJ)

It was so rewarding seeing this group go from individuals to a team as the season progressed.  Every practice you saw them develop confidence in themselves and each other and saw their hard work paying off.  To me that’s a sign of success!”  – Kate