Snow? What snow? South Loop students, parents didn’t let bitter temps keep them from cleaning and greening

By Alessio C. and Zoe C.

Saturday was the Spring Clean and Green event. This event was organized by the Clean and Green committee in coordination with Friends of the Park and Chicago Park District. Our mom, Elena Savona, who is the chair of the committee, said that the Chicago Park District gave us the tools and supplies like shovels, rakes, brooms, wheelbarrows and gloves we needed for the event. Approximately 50 people, including parents and students, showed up to help clean up and beautify our school grounds and the park.

The main activities included:

Picking up trash. We found tons of wrappers, Band-Aids, one shoe, Doritos and Cheetos, bottle caps, plastic water bottles and pencils.

Spreading out mulch. We had to put the mulch into wheelbarrows and transport it to the corners of the park, then spread it around trees.

Moving the stepping stones. We rearranged the stepping stones in front of the main entrance in a different design that looks like an oval.

There was a table from Illinois Green Alliance with a poster where you learned how to sort garbage, what goes into recycling, landfill or compost. Alderwoman Pat Dowell came for a few minutes to talk to the community. We took a group photo with her.

There was a lot of food and drinks for everyone: bananas, donuts, water, lollipops and coffee. We were able to finish all the work before it started snowing. At that point we ate a nice warm pizza in the gym and enjoyed the company.

Thank you to the volunteers and organizers who helped make this event possible. See you all at the next Clean and Green event in the fall!

Photos by Elena Savona