South Loop Cross Country off to an impressive (muddy) start


By Ben S., 5th grade

Last Thursday, Oct. 3, the South Loop Cross Country Team had an amazing meet at the Humboldt park Invitational. Even though it was very muddy, and there were lots of hills, the South Loop Lions kept running.

In each race there were a lot of runners! In the 7th and 8th girls there were 231 racers. In the 7th and 8th grade boys, there were 277. The most was the 5th and 6th grade girls, with 350, but the 5th and 6th grade boys also had a lot, with 345.

To give an example of how much that is, the Tuesday before, at the Washington Park Invitational, there were only 151 5th and 6th grade boys. Over 30 people from South Loop came out to run. Coach Doyle said, “It was a difficult race. The course was ugly and muddy. However, the kids pushed through and did a phenomenal job. I am extremely proud.” Go Lions! And stay tuned when they race in the regionals next Thursday, October 14.

Here are the top South Loopers finishers that participated:

7th and 8th grade girls mile and a half: Gwen Lao, Amariah Word 

7th and 8th grade boys mile and a half: Sam Powers, Zach Smaroff, Adien Lee, Madox Padilla, Javier Molina

5th and 6th grade girls mile: Kate Smaroff, Morgan Thielke, Damia Gordon, Marin Benson, Marlowe Sutherland

5th and 6th grade boys mile: Sinan Abuzayd, Warren Mason, Gabriel Elhofy, Ben Smaroff, Chase Green 

Congratulations on all your hard work, South Loop runners!