South Loop Hosts Debate Tournament; SL Debate Team Results

On December 7th, South Loop School hosted a Debate Tournament in our Middle School. It was very exciting to be able to host this event for the first time and to show off our new school! Five schools participated- South Loop, Skinner West, Lincoln, OA Thorp, and Audobon.

Below are the results for our South Loop Debate Team. Having the “home field” advantage really helped our debaters feel more comfortable competing!

Varsity Speaker Awards:
Maya Agrawal – FIRST PLACE
June Stevens – Fifth Place

JV Speaker Awards:
Eleanor Wallace: Seventh Place

Novice Speaker Awards :
Sinan Abuzayd 7th place
Felicia Ward 8th place
Annika Sengupta 9th place
Ruhi Agrawal 13th place
Ignas Petras 16th place
Annika Chauhan 17th place
Katie Boon 18th place

Varsity Team Award:
Maya and June – 2nd Place

JV Team Award:
Eleanore Wallace – Fifth Place

Novice Team Awards:
Ruhi Agrawal and Will Stevens – 3rd Place
Brandon Barroso and Phillip Melhado – 5th Place
Ian Karas and Piersyn Johnson – 7th Place
Annika Chauhan and Annika Sengupta – 8th Place
Sinan Abuzayd and Ben Smaroff – 10th Place