South Loop PRIDE – Spelling Bee Winners

By: Elianna S.

Last month we had the spelling bee which was definitely an experience! The Spelling Bee this year was organized by Mrs. Henegan. In first place, winning the Middle School Spelling Bee was 6th grader, Abhishek Kabra, second place was 4th grader, Yoon Kim, and third place was 8th grader Margaret Dinh. In the Primary building, our first place winner was 3rd grader Ira Pandya, second place was 3rd grader Zidan Mahmoud, and there was a tie for third place with 2nd grader Karl Oertvig and 1st grader Ryan Raees.

Congratulations to all of our amazing spelling bee winners! Our building winner Abhishek Kabra will take a digital spelling test next week in hopes of qualifying for the CPS City-Wide Bee. The City Bee will be represented by the Top 50 Spellers of CPS Schools!

Good Luck Abishek!

Our Grade Level Winners also did a great job! Below are the winners from each grade level and their place for the Primary or Middle School Bees:

Primary Bee
1st Grade
Ryan (Kazi) Raees – tied for 3rd
PJ (Patrick) McAndrew – 5th place

2nd Grade
Anthony Berni 214 – 4th place
Karl Oertvig 205 – tied for 3rd

3rd Grade
Ira Pandya 209 – Winner 1-3rd
Zidan Mahmoud 209 – 2nd place

Middle School Bee
4th Grade
Yoon Kim – 2nd place
Amina Kudabay- 9th place

5th Grade
Gianna Dinh – 10th place
Gianni Calliendo- 8th place

6th Grade
Abhishek Kabra – Winner 4-8th
Owen Livings- tied for 6th place

7th Grade
Kennedi Robinson – 4th place
Jacob Santiago – tied for 6th place
Damia Gordon – 7th place

8th Grade
Margaret Dinh – 3rd place
Brooke Anderson- 5th place