SL’s New Social Media and Blogging Club

The South Loop Scoop, also known as the South Loop blogging club, is a mix of 6th and 7th graders run by Mrs. Garcia. In this group, we will be restoring the South Loop Instagram page (follow us @slooplions). Our hope is to try and post 1+ times per week. We will try to be as active as possible. It is our goal to post on the Instagram Stories, have interviews with teachers and students, host contests (with prizes), and other fun things. 

To participate in our first upcoming contest, follow us on Instagram!

We are excited to keep you posted on all that is happening at South Loop School!

Meet Our Team!
Top Row: Mrs. Garcia, Payton, Nia, Gabriella, Phillip, Annika, Juan, Diya
Bottom Row: Kate, Tula, Kennedi, Rok, Jelani, Kyshauna, Micah, Brooke