South Loop students advance to statewide history fair

By Ms. Garcia, social studies teacher
History Fair is a project-based inquiry that gives us the opportunity to become historians and learn about the impact of historical figures and events on the world today. We analyze primary and secondary sources, interpret the information they find, develop a thesis, and determine the impact the event or figure has had over time. Once we have gathered our research, we have the choice to present in the form of an exhibit board, documentary, or website. Each year, a theme is chosen and this year’s theme is Conflict and Compromise. Anyone who connects their project to Chicago or Illinois history, qualify to participate in the city-wide history fair.
This year, a few South Loop students advanced to the city-wide fair. Camani Campbell, 7th grade student, and Alyssa Calderon, 6th grade student (shown above), have both advanced to the state wide history fair on May 3rd.