Teacher profile: 5th grade math teacher Ms. Ibarra

By Warren T., 4th grade

This year there is a new 5th grade math teacher and her name is Ms. Ibarra. Before she taught 5th grade she taught 3rd grade which, according to her, is different, because she has way more students including all three classes she teaches, and students have more varieties of skills in 5th grade. 

One thing she does in class is give out projects. One was about Thanksgiving, with math questions like, “How many pounds of turkey do you need if you have seven guests?” There was another one where students plan their dream vacation using rates, ratios and percents.

Ms. Ibarra said she likes the new school building, the colors, the small room in the back of her classroom, “basically everything.” 

In her free time, Ms. Ibarra likes to watch cooking shows. Right now she’s interested in “Master Chef.” She also likes to bake apple pies and chocolate chip cookies. She has two cats: One is named Harry, who is black, and the other one is named Buttons, who is a tabby (an orange cat with stripes). She also likes to watch movies and musicals, visiting family, eating at Eleven City Diner, Joy Yee, and Leona’s. She also enjoys biking on the river shore during the summer.

Welcome to 5th grade, Ms. Ibarra!