The South Loop Scoop staff dreams up the perfect day off school

Friday, Jan. 31 is a day off school. The South Loop Scoop staff has some suggestions for how to spend the time when you would normally be stuck in school!

Eloise G.: My perfect day off starts with sleeping in and then going to Yolk for brunch. At Yolk I like to get Oreo pancakes or french toast sticks. Next, I’ll go to Maggie Daley Park. I like going down the biggest slide there. After that, I’ll come home for a late lunch (a grilled cheese sandwich sounds good). Then, I would probably curl up in bed with a book. When I get up, I’ll want a snack and I’ll go to Stan’s Donuts for my favorite cinnamon sugar pretzel. My perfect day off is exciting and relaxing!

Flora S.: My perfect day would begin with pancakes and bacon. I would then get on a flight to New York to go see “Sponge Bob: The Musical!” After the show, I would go to the Marriott Marquis to have a Broadway Baby mocktail, and look at time square from the windows. Then, I would walk to Soho to explore and then go to Lombardi’s for pizza! I would fly back to Chicago, and fall asleep on the plane.

Warren T.: My day off is full of food, family, games and onesies. Thursday night, we’re having a traditional (at least in my family) movie night/sleepover with my friend and sister while my parents have a date night. We’re going to stay up late and watch movies (still working on which ones), eating Honey Butter Chicken, hanging out in our onesies that look like a dragon, a dinosaur and a unicorn. The next morning, we’ll go out to breakfast before coming back for a “Fosters Home of Imaginary Friends” marathon (another tradition). After that, we’ll come back home and play an Escape Room game with our family. Also, I think sushi and yoga class will be involved somewhere. 
Oliver G.: For me the perfect Friday I am going to Baskin Robbins. It is an ice cream shop that on every 31st of a month, because they have 31 flavors of ice cream, you can get a scoop for a $1.70! And it just so happens, that Friday is the 31st of January!  
Anabelle J.: My perfect long weekend would be having an ice cream party. You can go to Mariano’s and get ice cream. You should also have candy to put in the ice cream. I recommend gummy bears, Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. You could also get chocolate sauce, caramel sauce or marshmallow fluff. I would also recommend watching the puppy bowl on Sunday.
Michael N.: On a perfect day off, attend a camp with sisters, brothers or friends. On a perfect day off, go outside and play tag. On a perfect day off, play games such as Xbox and other computer games. On a perfect day off, create science experiments or even visit Legoland! 
Alessio C.: If it snows, my perfect day would start with a big breakfast, then sledding and snowball fighting. Then, I would come home and have hot chocolate with my sister and mom. I would go to a trampoline park in the afternoon and eat homemade pizza for dinner with my family. Then we would watch an adventure movie and stay up late.
Will S.: In my opinion since we are coming up to this year’s Super Bowl, it’s time to prepare! You need all the best snacks, all the best food and all the best research going in to Sunday’s battle between the 49ers and the Chiefs. Friday is my perfect day to get all my last-minute research and beat the crowds for shopping.