Mr. Doyle: Working hard to make sure kids work hard

By Ben S., 4th grade

Mr. Doyle has been a gym teacher for five years at South Loop. He likes teaching because he likes helping kids. He wants you to understand stuff more than work hard on your body parts. Mr. Doyle might seem mad when you walk during laps, but he said he is not mad. He just wants people to work their hardest. He gets a little frustrated when people are not trying their hardest.

Mr. Doyle also coaches sports. This year‘s cross country did amazing, with sixth grader Zach Smaroff getting 31st in the city. But Zach said that they need to get a couple more people into the city championships since he was the only one from South Loop to make it this year.

Mr. Doyle teaches track, too. This year will only be the second year for track at South Loop. Mr. Doyle said that last year‘s team did amazing, especially because it was their first year. They really exceeded his expectations. Track starts in mid-April. Mr. Doyle does not have an amount of people he wants, he just wants hard-working people from 5th to 8th grade. There are eight different races in track. These races are the 100 m, 200 m, the 400 m, the 800 m, the 100 relay, 200 relay, the long jump, and for seventh and eighth graders, the mile.

Mr. Doyle wants you to work your hardest even if you do not join the track team. Keep having fun in gym!