Some 6th graders bidding South Loop farewell for academic centers

By Adelaide G., 6th grade

This year, many students in sixth grade are leaving South Loop to go to an academic center. There are many different schools that these students are going to, including Whitney M. Young and Kenwood.

The application process is pretty hard. There are 900 points that are possible to score. 300 points are from your grades; you get the full 300 points if you had all A’s in 5th grade. 300 points are from NWEA test scores from the spring of 5th grade, 150 points from ELA (English Language Arts) NWEA and 150 points from math NWEA. The last 300 points are from an academic center test. For the academic center test, you can take a Test Prep class to help you prepare for the test. All of these points are added together to make your final score, which decides which school you will be accepted into.

I am in a 6th grade class and a majority of the students in my class are leaving for an academic center. People from 6th grade that are going to an academic center include myself, Alyssa C., Claudia O., Kira C., Naoko M., Asha D., Calla S., Victoria P., Zara L., Kendall E., Elisha G., Ezra B., Emma Q., June S., Madigan T., and many more. There are also many people who applied to an academic center and didn’t get in. This can be very frustrating or upsetting. Most people have to wait for around 2 months to get their results. This was a long and suspenseful wait.

My experience was pretty good. I did well on my NWEA test and I had all A’s. Then I had to take the Test Prep class and I had to do a lot of confusing and difficult things in the class and for homework. I got pretty stressed out about the test. When I finally took the test, it was a lot easier than how I thought it would be. I had to wait for a long time after that before I got my results, but because I studied a lot, I ended up getting a good score on the test and getting into Whitney Young, the school of my choice.