The grown-ups behind the South Loop Scoop

By Katie B., 4th grade

On Friday before spring break, I fortunately managed to catch a few minutes with the busy Ann Kaminski and Heidi Stevens, the South Loop Scoop organizers, dedicated writers, and mothers. I asked them a few questions when we had a moment to sit down.

Q: Why did you volunteer for the Scoop?

A:  “We are both writers and studied journalism in college,” said Ms. Ann.

“I wanted a place for students to learn how to listen and report what’s happening around their school,” said Ms. Heidi.

Q: How do you come up with article ideas?

A: “The students are the eyes and ears of the school,” said Ms. Ann.

Q: Who is your writing inspiration?

A: “Judy Blume,” said both Ms. Ann and Ms. Heidi.

Q: Who is allowed to write for the Scoop?

A: “Fourth through 8th graders,” said Ms. Ann and Ms. Heidi.

Q: What makes writing special to you?

A: “It allows you to communicate and reside in a world that you’ve created,” said Ms. Ann, who writes fiction for a living.

“Writing helps us understand each other better,” said Ms.Heidi, who writes for the Chicago Tribune.

Q:What types of articles are you looking for?

A: “From the voices of the students,” said Ms. Ann.

“Anything that helps South Loop’s community better understand what’s happening in and around the school,” said Ms. Heidi.

Q: What advice would you give to future authors?

“Always be curious,” said Ms. Ann.

“Read a lot,” said Ms. Heidi. “The best authors are great readers.”