Another strong showing at South Loop’s second debate tournament of the year

By Penny P., 5th grade

And yet another debate tournament done well by South Loop School! Proudly, we came in first place for novice teams! Those are the teams that are from the first level! Well done by all the team members! A special round of applause to those who got awards! 

Coming in first place for speaker awards is Annika S.! In third place for speaker awards is Annika C.! And in fourth place for speaker awards, Ruhi A.! These people (pictured at top) were chosen for their extreme skills in speaking.

Moving on to the team awards. The team awards are for teams who showed judges that they can work together and achieve goals. In first place is Annika S. and Annika C.! Skipping to ninth place we have Penny P. and Katie B. (bottom photo)! And trailing right behind we had Brandon B. and Philip M.! And the last team that got a team award is Ruhi A. and Will S. in fourteenth place!

Moving on to junior varsity speaker awards which is the second level of debate. Harmony J. (pictured at left) is in junior varsity and won a speaker award for twelfth place!

Switching to varsity, the last and final level for debaters that compete. June S.  got a speaker award for fifth place!

Now, keep in mind that there were at least 100 debaters at the tournament. The South Loop debate team worked very hard and practiced very frequently toward this tournament. If you are on the South Loop debate team you should be very proud of yourself for working hard and achieving many of your goals! If you did not win an award, that is fine. Just keep working hard and push yourself to do better!

The next tournament will be on Feb. 15. If you would like to see a debate tournament come to see this upcoming one! We are always looking for new recruits, so if you would like to join the debate team contact Coach Rishi at You can also ask your parents to contact Mr. Rishi if you do not have access to a non-CPS email. Wish the Team good luck! Go Lions!