What’s it like to debate for South Loop? Read this to see!

By Penny P., 5th grade

Everybody crowded in the room and took a seat. The competitors were fierce. The teams took out their files and one started reading. The room intensified. The heat was on! Another great performance by South Loop School!

We hosted the Feb. 15 debate tournament and it was very intense! I am pleased to say that they did an absolutely tremendous job! This tournament was very special because it was championship rounds! If you are not familiar with championship rounds, they are the top eight scoring teams that debate against each other (even on the same team if the coach approves) the lower team can take the higher teams place they are going against.

I’ll start off with novice. Coming in first place for novice were Ruhi A. and Brandon B.! Moving on to the varsity teams. Maya A. and June S. came in 3rd place! Coming in 2nd place for novice speaker awards, Ruhi A. and in 6th place her partner Brandon B! And last but not least the last speaker award in 14th place Sinan A! Now moving on to the varsity speakers. We have Maya A. coming in 4th place for varsity speaker awards!

We have one more special shoutout given to June S! The judges described her as calm and certain.

All debaters in this tournament worked extremely hard to prepare for this competition. Round of applause to all debaters! This was a very tough, intense, solid debate tournament. If you didn’t win an award that is fine. Keep trying and keep the hard work up. Thank you all South Loop debaters for representing South Loop. If you would like to join the debate team contact Coach Rishi at rishi@agrawalfirm.com. Debate team always has P.R.I.D.E.! GO Lions!